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Stacey Steers: Select Films

MOCA presents three of Steers’ early films that play in a continuous loop in our Price Auditorium including PHANTOM CANYON (2006), TOTEM (1999) and WATUNNA (1990). Click on the title of the film below to see an excerpt from the film. 


A curious woman meets an alluring man with bat wings in this personal recollection of a pivotal journey. This 10 minute animated film was created from over 4000 hand-made collages incorporating the figures from Eadweard Muybridge’s Human and Animal Locomotion, first published in 1887.


A stream of consciousness look at our evolving relationship to the animal world.


Creation cycle mythology from the Yekuana Indians of the Orinoco region of Venezuela. A transparent look at the poetic process by which human beings construct meaning from their experience. Narrated by Stan Brakhage. Music and sound by Bruce Odland.