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Small Works, Tall Tales

September 16, 2017 – February 11, 2018

This fall, Virginia MOCA celebrates regional artists with Small Works, Tall Tales an exhibition of narrative sculpture presented on an intimate scale.  Each featured artist is an able storyteller. They infuse their work with sharp wit and a complex interpretation of our world. Different materials and approaches resulting in distinct styles. Yet, all share a penchant for creating engaging work of a personal, approachable size. As a sculpture projects into concrete space, it draws the viewer down into a fantastic, diminutive world. The artists included are Aggie Zed, John Tobin, Wade Mickley, Deborah G. Rogers, Tracey St. Peter, and artist teams Kranitzky and Overstreet and Robin and Julia Rogers. 

Organized by the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Curated by Heather Hakimzadeh. 


Kranitzky and Overstreet

Wade Mickley

Deborah G. Rogers

Julia and Robin Rogers

Tracey St. Peter

John Tobin

Aggie Zed


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