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Slow Art Day 2013

What started in 2008 as a personal experiment in a different way to view art by Slow Art Day founder Phil Terry, has grown into an annual event with now hundreds of museums and galleries around the world participating. Slow Art Day is an international celebration of art that encourages people to look at art SLOWLY.  By taking time to explore, the participant makes a deeper, more meaningful connection with each piece.  

Virginia MOCA is excited to join the Slow Art Day movement again this year.  MOCA Gallery Teachers will lend a hand as we take our time exploring 5 selections from the current New Waves 2013, The Nexus: Selections from the Chrysler Museum and Out of the Box: Trends in Contemporary Jewelry exhibits.  An hour of individual viewing is followed by lunch in the Rodriguez Pavilion with conversation to share our experiences.

Art viewing: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Catered Lunch: 12:00 PM - 1.00 PM in  MOCA's Rodriguez Pavilion

Cost: $10 for lunch. Tickets for lunch must be purchased in advance here by 5pm on Thursday April 25 and include Museum admission.  

Host: Jim Setzer, MOCA Gallery Teacher

Slow Art Day is a worldwide celebration of art that encourages people to look at art SLOWLY – and thereby experience art in a new way. You can see more about Slow Art Day and the mission behind it on our website:

More info about Slow Art Day movement: facebook | twitter | tumblr