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Rob and Nick Carter: transforming

May 21 - August 16, 2015

Artists Rob and Nick Carter have concerned themselves with you, the museum visitor. As image-laden technology increases in our culture, the length of time an artwork can attract and hold attention decreases. In this exhibition, the Carters, in collaboration with MPC,  present an irresistible invitation to look, and look again. They added color, form and movement to art historical master works with 21st century technology.  Van Gogh’s Sunflowers have become a three-dimensional bronze sculpture. Each brush stroke of the artist’s hand is visible in the gleaming metal. What appears to be a Dutch still life painting of a vase of flowers challenges expectations as the scene changes and shifts. Day turns to night. Flowers wilt and rustle in a slight breeze. A snail trails a lazy path up the side of the vase. A mere passing glance cannot contain the unfolding story.

Rob and Nick Carter are represented by The Fine Art Society Contemporary



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