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Zentangle: Beyond the Basics 

Instructor: Kim Herman
This workshop is for those students who have already familiar with the basics of Zentangle.  We will learn new, more complex tangles (patterns), explore tangle enhancements and try white ink on a black tile.  Please bring your Micron pen and pencil from the Intro to Zentangle class or bring your preferred drawing pen.  All other supplies will be provided. Zentangles are created on a 3 1/2-inch square piece of art paper - if you wear reading glasses, please bring them to class. The Zentangle art form and method were created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Zentangle is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.  Learn more at:                                                                                            
Members $30, Non-members $35

June 2
Saturday, 12:30 - 3pm
1 Day Workshop

Camera Boot Camp: Introduction to Manual Settings

Instructor: Judith Soule
This class presents an introduction to manual settings on your digital SLR camera, so you can get out of auto and start shooting in manual. We’ll discuss shooting modes, image storage capabilities, file types, menus, exposure, light, shutter effects, and the resulting creative possibilities. A digital SLR camera is preferable but any camera with manual capabilities will work as well for this class. No previous camera knowledge or experience is required. Photo editing skills will not be covered in this workshop. Please bring the manual that came with your camera to class.
Members $75, Nonmembers $90

June 8
Friday, 9:30 am - 4:30pm 
1 Day Workshop; Beginner

Camera Boot Camp
Camera Boot Camp