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BWAS Food Vendors


The Boardwalk Art Show is a premier festival opportunity in Virginia. Artists from across the country, live music, family fest activites, and great food draw over 200,000 people to the boardwalk over the 4 day event. Make plans to join us!

Food trucks, tented spaces, and trailers are all welcome, with a valid business license. 

Food Vendor Event Prospectus Terms and Conditions

The application deadline for food vendors has passed. 


Festival Dates & Food Vendor Hours

All food vendors are required to attend a food safety and inspection meeting scheduled at 4:30pm Wednesday, June 14 and are expected to be fully operational during the established operating hours.

  • Thursday, June 15                                 12 noon - 6pm
  • Friday & Saturday, June 16 & 17             10am - 6pm
  • Sunday, June 18                                    10am - 5pm

You may stay open later than event hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but must close at 5pm on Sunday.



All applications will be reviewed and selections will be made based on:

  • Menu specialization
  • Presentation
  • Previous event experience at BWAS and elsewhere


Food trucks, tented spaces and trailers are all welcome and will be assigned a location along the boardwalk.

  • Space along the boardwalk is priced and designated accordingly:
  • 8 x 5 Cart Space: $1,000

NOTE: This does not include space for an umbrella or additional coolers, etc. If you need additional space for storage, please request a 10 x 11 space and mark “cart” on your application. In this case, the fee would be $1,350.

  • 10 x 11 space with front customer service: $1,350  
  • 20 x 11 space with customer service on the long side: $1,975
  • Food Trucks/Mobile Concessionaires will pay based on the size of the truck or trailer.

If your footprint fits within a 10 x 11 or a 20 x 11 space you will be charged $1,350 or $1,975 respectively. If the footprint is larger than the two set sizes, you will be charged $9 for every square foot over. 

NOTE: If it is determined onsite during load-in that your set up is larger than you estimated and therefore needs more space along the boardwalk than planned, it is possible you may lose your space without reimbursement. Please measure carefully and include the space required for coolers, distance needed to park along the rail of the boardwalk, etc. Please consider the trailer tongue, propane tanks extending beyond the truck/trailer space, awnings that extend beyond the footprint, etc. 

  • A limited number of corner and beach access locations may be purchased for an additional $200
  • ​A $200 refundable deposit is required of all accepted food vendors to cover the potential cost of clean-up on the boardwalk. The check must be cut separately from your vendor fee and turned in with your final payment by Friday, April 14th. The security deposit will be held and returned to you after the show if boardwalk clean-up is not required.
  • If your application is accepted, Boardwalk Art Show must receive a non-refundable 50% deposit by Friday, March 24, 2017 for your participation to be secured. The balance of the participation fee and the $200 security deposit are due Friday, April 14, 2017. Any payment received after April 14th will be charged a late fee of $100. Once you pay the full amount to participate, you will be assigned a space along the boardwalk.
  • Credit cards are accepted for payments with a 3% convenience fee added.
  • If accepted, food vendors may pay an additional $500 deposit in order to have exclusive rights to serve the featured dish of your choosing. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your selection will not be guaranteed until given written approval and your check will not be deposited until is it approved.
  • Electrical hook up on the boardwalk: $75
  • Water hook up on the boardwalk: $75


Beverage Sales

MOCA will again this year be selling drinks at designated locations called “hydration stations” located throughout the event as a fundraiser for the museum. Due to this, food vendors cannot sell soft drinks and water. Only food vendors given approval by the food and beverage committee may sell beverages to include fruit smoothies, tea OR fresh-squeezed lemonade or other non-soda beverages.


Virginia Green Program

Boardwalk Art Show participating food partners are required to serve on recyclable and/or compostable materials.


Required Information

A Vendor/Sponsor Information Form will be emailed to you once you are approved to participate in the show. Vendor forms must be completed and returned to us by Friday, April 14, 2017 with your final booth payment and security deposit check.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.  Failure to provide information regarding equipment specifications, propane use, etc. may delay the processing of your application.  Please review all your equipment to identify the electrical requirements and itemize them on the Vendor/Sponsor Information Form once you receive it.  All equipment, electrical or otherwise, must meet or exceed all Heath and Fire standards.


Health Regulations

  1. Health Permit: All vendors are REQUIRED to file a temporary restaurant permit request with the Virginia Beach Department of Health PRIOR to the Boardwalk Art Show. No vendor will be allowed to begin operations without a permit and without on-site clearance by a health inspector. Any vendor not in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Health Department at any time prior to or during the show will be subject to removal.
  2. Ground Cover: ALL VENDORS SITUATED ON THE BOARDWALK MUST PROVIDE IMPERMEABLE GROUND COVER. In accordance with the City of Virginia Beach, “The applicant shall ensure all vendors furnish some type of ground cover for their booth space in accordance with the Health Department’s requirement and that they maintain a neat and orderly concession area.”
  3. Compliance with Health Department regulations: Operations that are listed by the Virginia Beach Health District as having a critical violation during the inspection of their operation will not be invited to return to the show. Questions on these issues can be addressed by the Health Department directly at 757.518.2739.


Fire Regulations  

All vendors are required to comply with the fire safety regulations set forth by the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Questions should be addressed to the Fire Marshal’s office at 757.385.4228.



Food vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting state and local taxes.  For information regarding tax rates, how to register and submit contact:

Virginia Department of Taxation:
Virginia Beach Commissioner of the Revenue: 757.385.4515



  1. If you are selected as a food vendor, a Certificate of Insurance indemnifying the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and the City of Virginia Beach is required.
  2. The Certificate of Insurance must include the following limits: Combined Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability limit, including Product Liability of $2,000,000.
  3. The Certificate must be issued in the same company name as the applicant, as it appears on all applications and forms.
  4. Certificate dates should read, “in effect from 6/15/17 through 6/18/17.”
  5. The certificate holder should be Virginia MOCA, 2200 Parks Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.



This application is for the concessionaire identified on the application, and may only be operated by that business, by name. No site subcontracting is authorized for any reason, and evidence that a site has been subcontracted is grounds for immediate removal from the Boardwalk Art Show and forfeiture of all fees.


Deadline Summary

  • Application deadline: February 28, 2017
  • Late application deadline: March 15, 2017
  • Food vendor acceptance form and 50% food vendor payment due: March 24, 2017
  • Remaining food vendor payment, security deposit, certificate of insurance, and food vendor form: April 14, 2017
  • Optional water fee, electrical fee, and exclusive featured dish fee due: May 17, 2017
  • Optional additional equipment form and payment due: June 2, 2017


For questions please contact Ashley Lambert at or 757-425-0000 ext.319