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Art Camp Ages 9-12


Summer Art Camp 2018
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  • Monday, March 19 for Members
  • Tuesday, March 20 for Non-members 


Week 1, July 9 – July 13

Weather Wonders

AC1806, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Susan Schutte
Does a sunny day make you happy? How do you feel when it’s raining outside? Does music make you want to dance? We’ll explore connections between the weather, music and art while creating with clay, printmaking, painting, drawing, and collage. Even on a cloudy day, we can have fun making art!
Members $100/Non-members $115


Into the Jungle

AC1807, 12:15-3pm 
Instructor: Mary Carol Lynch
Lions, and tigers, and bears! We’ll look closely at Henry Rousseau’s Jungle paintings and contemporary interpretations and create stunning visual journals inspired by the wild.We’ll use drawing, painting, and sculpture, to explore color, texture, design, and symbolism.
Members $100/Non-members $115


Through the Lens

AC1808, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Leigh Drake
Discover the basics of digital photography. Learn camera operation, composition, and digital manipulations while also spending time taking pictures. Got a smartphone? We will touch on taking photos and editing with smartphones as well. Please bring a digital camera and the computer connection cord to class.
Members $100/Non-members $115


Week 2, July 16 – July 20

Pup Projects 

AC1813, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Leigh Drake
Create works of art inspired by man’s best furry friend. Use a variety of materials to create two dimensional and three-dimensional works of art inspired by your pet or the dog of your dreams. We'll experiment with different techniques such as collage, mixed media, painting, and sculpture.
Members $100/Non-members $115


In and Out of the Box

AC1814, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Virginia Van Horn
Create shadow box dioramas full of magic and mystery inspired by artist Joseph Cornell. Use containers of all types and fill them with two-dimensional and three-dimensional media to create new worlds of wonder and imagination.
Members $100/Non-members $115


2D Video Game Design and Play

AC1815, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Jasmine Fountain
Design your own 2D video game inspired by MOCA’s current exhibitions. We’ll use videogame software to create characters, game levels, and animation, and learn game design and development.
Members $100/Non-members $115


Week 3, July 23 – 27

Piecing Together Portraits

AC1819, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Cherilyn Colbert
Create abstract self-portraits inspired by Pablo Picasso's cubist work. Learn how to master oil pastels and explore how to use form and color to create abstract representations of ourselves.
Members $100/Non-members $115


DIY Skateboard Design and Build with WRV

AC1820, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: WRV Staff & Melanie Columbus
Design and build your own custom skateboard with WRV. Explore the history of skateboard art and then design and create graphics for your own board. You will assemble your skateboard on Thursday, and we’ll head over to the WRV Skate Park for a mini lesson to test them out on Friday! Please note that on Friday campers will need to be dropped off and picked up at the WRV Skate Park. No transportation will be provided by MOCA.
Members $145 /Non-members $160


Week 4, July 30 – August 3

Glass Lab: Discovery

AC1826, 9:00 -11:45am
Instructor: Ali Rogan Explore the medium of glass and create artwork that reveals how art and science fuse and connect. Conduct glass experiments and discover the different methods of working with glass as a sculptural medium. Complete several projects using glass fusing, casting, painting, photography, recycled glass, and mixed media.|
Members $145 /Non-members $160


Virginia Meets Van Gogh

AC1827, 12:15-3pm 
Instructor: Cherilyn Colbert
Create sweeping expressionist landscapes inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We’ll also look to images of various landscapes of Virginia, from the Coastal Plains to the Appalachian Plateau for inspiration. Sketch, then paint your landscapes by applying Van Gogh's techniques such as use of color and small strokes to create motion, mood, and texture.
Members $100/Non-members $115


Week 5, August 6 – August 10

Glass Lab: Explorers

AC1833, 9:00 -11:45am
Instructor: Ali Rogan
Explore the medium of glass and create artwork inspired by the ocean! Discover the many different methods of working with glass as a sculptural medium. We’ll work on several projects using glass fusing, casting, painting, photography, recycled glass and mixed media.
Members $145 /Non-members $160


Use Your Words

AC1834, 12:15-3pm 
Instructor: Virginia Van Horn
Discover how visual art and design can be combined with words, writing, and letters by creating unique works of art. Experiment with a variety of media and techniques such as altered books, accordion-fold books, letters, stamping, haiku writing and illustration to create both two dimensional and three-dimensional artwork using both words and images.
Members $100/Non-members $115


Digital Illustration

AC1835, 12:15-3pm 
Instructor: Cherilyn Colbert Create digital illustrations and learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator, a vector-based program used to create digital works of art. Work on a series of exercises to get familiar with the program and by the end of the week complete an illustration project of your own unique city-scape allowing for continued practice with the software
Members $100/Non-members $11


Week 6, August 13 – August 17

All About That Face 

AC1840, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Anne Campbell
Create unique two and three-dimensional portraits. Self-portraits, pet portraits, and more! 
We’ll look to portraits from historical and contemporary artists for inspiration and examine their various artistic styles and approaches to portraiture. Explore different techniques and materials, such as print making, drawing, painting, ceramics, and mixed media.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Zoo Installation

AC1841, 12:15-3pm 
Instructor: Virginia Van Horn Work together with fellow MOCA Art Campers to design and build large-scale animal sculptures that will be displayed on the grounds of the museum. We’ll work collaboratively in the studio to create the sculpture using tree branches, yarn, twine, and other natural materials.
Members $100/Non-members $115


Week 7, August 20 – August 24

Illuminated Sculpture

AC1846, 9-11:45am 
Instructor: Elizabeth Tumilty  
Who said art can’t be functional? Turn a bright idea into a work of art! Create a sculptural lighting fixture inspired by nature. We’ll design the light while focusing on functionality, aesthetics, and how light transfers through materials.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Funky Portraits

AC1847, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Suzanne Stevens
Explore the world of faces all around us by learning to create realistic and imaginative portraits. We will make funky and crazy characters with paint, pastels, and more in this fun week in the studio.
Members $100/Non-members $11


Week 8, August 27 – August 31

Summer S.T.E.A.M

AC1851, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Katie Kaltenbach
Let’s experiment! Creative thinking isn’t just used when making works of art. We’ll explore, create, and problem solve as we conduct a series of experiments/art projects that connect science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
Members $100/Non-members $115


Everything Origami

AC1852, 12:15 – 3:00pm
Instructor: Rich Gray
Challenge your imagination and learn folding skills to see how many different ways you can use origami. Create dioramas, sculptures, mobiles, cards, jewelry, and more with the guidance of an experienced origami artist. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced folder, you will be amazed at the works of art that you can create with colorful sheets of origami paper.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Art Camp at MOCA
Art Camp at MOCA
Art Camp at MOCA
Art Camp at MOCA

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