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Art Camp Ages 6-8



art camp ages 6-8


Spring & Summer Art Camp 2017 
Register online or by phone 425-0000 

Spring Art Camp registration opens

  • Tuesday, February 21

Summer Art Camp registration opens

  • Saturday, March 25 for Members
  • Sunday, March 26 for Non-members

Spring Art Camp: April 10 -14, 2017

The Art of Everyday
AC1701, 9-11:45 am 
Instructor: Jade O’Day
Discover how to use found and recycled objects to create unexpected works of art. Transform everyday materials like coffee filters and plastic bags while learning about collage, papier-mâché, and sculpture. Each day we will be inspired by a contemporary artist working with non-traditional media.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Wild Animals of the World
AC1702, 12:15-3:00pm  
Instructor: Suzann Stevens 
Explore the wilds animals of the world! Have fun creating zebras, giraffes, elephants, kangaroos, and more using a variety of techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, and mixed media
Members $100/Non-members $115

Summer Art Camp 2017 

Week 1, July 10 – 14

Something Fishy
AC1701, 9-11:45am 
Instructor: Susan Schutte 
We live in a community by the ocean and near waterways, rivers, lakes, and streams. These bodies of water are filled with fascinating fish! We’ll look to these scaly creatures of the deep for inspiration as we create works of art such as relief sculpture, fish prints, paintings, collages, and experiment with recycled materials.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Pet Projects
AC1702, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Virginia Van Horn  
Do you have a furry or not-so furry family pet?  Create two and three-dimensional works of art inspired by your pet or favorite animal. We’ll experiment with different materials and techniques, such as sculpture, relief, drawing and painting.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 2, July 17- 21

Drifting into the Blue
AC1707, 9-11:45am 
Instructor: Melanie Columbus     
Swim through a world of wonder and discover sea creatures lurking from beyond the depths of our oceans. Explore marine biology and its complex ecosystem using unconventional materials to sculpt monstrous sea designs into works of art.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Paper Party   
AC1708 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Jade O’Day
Paper is more than just something to draw or paint on! Discover different paper materials and how you they can be used to create cards, collage, sculptures, and even your own handmade paper.  We’ll also investigate the history of paper art from traditional crafts to contemporary art.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 3, July 24 – 28

Drawing for the Youngest Artist I
AC1713, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Mary Beth Nixon
Discover the artist’s tricks of the trade! Learn to see objects as forms in space as you explore the still-life, portrait, and more. We will experiment with a variety of drawing and painting materials to see how lines, shapes, colors, textures and shadows are the building blocks of every great artist.
Members $100/Non-members $115

DIY Skateboard Design and Build with WRV
AC1714, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: WRV Staff & Melanie Columbus
Design and build your own custom skateboard with MOCA and WRV. Explore the history of skateboard art and then design and create graphics for your own board. Assemble your skateboard on Thursday, and we’ll head over to the WRV Skate Park for a mini lesson to test them out on Friday! Please note that on Friday campers will need to be dropped off and picked up at the WRV Skate Park. No transportation will be provided by MOCA.
Members $145 /Non-members $160

Week 4, July 31 – August 4

Drawing for the Youngest Artist II
AC1719, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Mary Beth Nixon
This course builds on Drawing for the Youngest Artist I with more advanced techniques and materials.
Campers registered for this course must have taken AC1621 or similar course, or be a rising second grader.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Float, Soar, Roam
AC1720, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: James O’Connor
Transportation hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years. Now is your chance to be the next designer of an original prototype craft. Wheels will spin and propellers will whirl! Soar beyond the limits of imagination by building a model of your air, land or sea craft!
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 5, August 7-11 

All Mixed Up
AC1726, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Anne Campbell
Everyone loves a good story! Discover the different ways artists tell stories through artwork. We’ll explore how to tell stories using a variety of materials and techniques such as mask making, drawing, painting, mixed media, and printmaking.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Glass Lab: Make a Splash with Glass
AC1727, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Ali Rogan
Investigate the science of glass art while creating unique works of art! We’ll explore different methods and techniques of working with glass as a sculptural medium including glass fusing, casting, painting, recycling glass and mixed media. 
Members $130/Non-members $145

Week 6, August 14-18

Liquid Galaxy       
AC1733, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Jenna Figgers     
Discover how to use water to create non-traditional paintings of galaxies and new planets. Experiment with fluid painting, paper marbling, and color resist inspired by NASA’s new planetary discoveries.  
Members $100/Non-members $115

Redesigning the Future   
AC1734, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: James O’Connor
Calling all inventors, young scientists, and artists! Your great ideas may be the next big thing in transportation, architecture and fashion. Our constantly changing world demands we adapt and evolve in our way of living, and YOU could be the next great inventor to influence the future. Turn your ideas into reality as we sketch out and build prototypes of your concept design.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 7, August 21-25

Glass Lab: Aquarium   
AC1740, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Jenna Figgers
Create your own personal aquarium. Use different glass making techniques to create sea creatures and a “home” for them. We’ll explore different methods and techniques of working with glass as a sculptural medium including glass fusing, casting, painting, recycling glass and mixed media.
Members $130/Non-members $145

Down on the Farm     
AC1741, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Suzanne Stevens
Trot, waddle and fly into the art studio to discover the colorful habitat of life on the farm.  Learn to paint cows, pigs, chickens, horses, barns, and more, and create your own sculptural farm environment.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 8, August 28- Sept 1

AC1746, 9-11:45am
Instructor: Lea Bennett
Create wearable art that represents you! Experiment with a range of unique baubles and beads, and take inspiration from contemporary jewelry artists who use unexpected materials such as LEGO ®, recycled tin containers, and more.  .
Members $100/Non-members $115

Art Outside the Door
AC1747, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Donna Iona Drozda 
What wonders will you discover when you open the door of the art studio? Explore the observed and imagined worlds of plants, birds, insects, and small animals on the grounds of MOCA. Our discoveries will be recorded in a variety of formats including pen, ink, watercolor, and more.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Art Camp at MOCA.
Art Camp at MOCA.
Art Camp at MOCA.
Art Camp at MOCA.
Art Camp at MOCA.
Art Camp at MOCA.
Art Camp at MOCA.
DIY Skateboard Design and Build with WRV
DIY Skateboard Design and Build with WRV

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