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Art Camp Ages 13-17


Summer Art Camp 2017 
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  • Saturday, March 25 for Members
  • Sunday, March 26 for Non-members

Summer Art Camp 2017

Week 1, July 10 – 14

Digital Modeling: 3D Digital Creation and Printing
AC1705, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Jim Setzer 
Create three dimensional objects using computer based tools such as Google SketchUp. Then watch your creations come to life through the process of stereo lithography, also known as 3D printing.  Students will learn the basics of working shapes in a 3D environment, preparing their creation files for print (also known as slicing) and get hands on experience with a 3D printer.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Fashion Illustration
AC1706, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Deanna deMonch 
Do you love fashion?  This course will teach you the creative and technical sides of fashion illustration and help develop your own style.  Design mood boards to reveal the inspiration for a collection and learn how to capture the exaggerated fashion figure in your illustrations.  Use a variety of materials including pencil, markers and watercolors to create your illustrations.  Basic life drawing from a model will also be covered.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Acrylic Painting 101
AC1753, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Jade O’Day 
Learn the basics of using acrylic paints and develop techniques to incorporate into your own painting style. We will also explore color mixing, hue/saturations, texture, depth, resist, acrylic mediums, brushes, surface preparation, and alternative methods of paint application. 
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 2, July 17- 21

2D Video Game Design   
AC1711, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Jasmine Fountain
Design your own 2D video game inspired by MOCA’s current exhibitions. We’ll use videogame software to create characters, game levels, and animation, and learn the ins and outs of game design and development.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Connecting Concepts & Narrative Art
AC1712, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Andy Harris
Every artist must be able to talk comfortably about their own art. Learn how to confidently incorporate narrative and concepts into your art making process through a series of projects based around storytelling. We’ll explore a variety of different mediums such as drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, and digital media.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 3, July 24 – 28

Art Plus Text  
AC1718, 3:30 -6pm
Instructor: Virginia Van Horn
Discover how visual art and design can be combined with words, writing and letters by creating artworks. Experiment with a variety of media to create both two and three dimensional works of art that are personal expressions communicated through both words and images.
Members $100/Non-members $115 

Digital Illustration
AC1754, 3:30 -6pm
Instructor: Cherilyn Colbert
Create digital illustrations and learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator, a vector-based program used to create digital works of art. Students will work on a series of exercises to get familiar with the program and by the end of the week complete an illustration project of their own unique city-scape allowing for continued practice with the software
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 4, July 31 – August 4

Photography in Focus
AC1723, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Jennifer German   
Get the hang of your digital camera through a variety of tips and techniques to help you compose and capture better photographs. Emphasis is placed on hands-on assignments, working with props and lighting, and viewing the work of historical and contemporary photographers for inspiration. Got a smartphone? We will touch on taking pictures and editing with smartphones as well. Please bring your own digital camera (either point-and-shoot or digital SLR) to the class.
Members $100/Non-members $115 

3D Character Creation  
AC1724, 3:30 -6:15pm
Instructor: Adam Parker   
Create your very own 3D animation character like those in your favorite video games and movies. Learn the process of character modeling from beginning to end, as well as principles of good character design.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Drawn to Life 
AC1725, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: James O’Connor  
Drawing inspiration from life will add depth and dimension to your work. Students will develop their perceptive drawing skills. Emphasis will be placed on figurative mass and form through gesture drawing and formal composition to the complete drawings.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 5, August 7-11 

Glass Lab: Make a Splash with Glass
AC1731, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Ali Rogan
Investigate the science of glass art while creating unique works of art! We’ll explore different methods and techniques of working with glass as a sculptural medium including glass fusing, casting, painting, recycling glass and mixed media
Members $130/Non-members $145

3D Game Design
AC1755, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Adam Parker
Create and design your own 3D video game from start to finish. Explore the principles of this new medium by using Blender – a cutting-edge 3D application. Students will learn how to tap into a player’s psychology by exploring pacing, control schemes, ease of play, anticipation, and genre expectations to deliver a game that can be played and shared.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 6, August 14-18

Make-up Artistry 101  
AC1732, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Deanna deMonch   
Do you love make-up? Have you ever watched Nyx Face Awards, and wanted to re-create that look? This course will teach you amazing looks to create for yourself, for Halloween, Cosplaying, or just because! Design Face Sheets to plan your look and bring it to life. This class will mostly be using Elf, Wet &Wild, NYC and NYX Cosmetics.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Draw, Paint, Print  
AC1739, 3:30-6:15pm 
Instructor: James O’Connor
Experiment with various drawing, painting and printmaking techniques, Learn how to translate your observation into a work of art by focusing on quality of line, color, and composition.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 7, August 21-25

3D Animation
AC1744, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Adam Parker
Get an introduction into the world of 3D animation as seen in movies such as Toy Story, Shrek and Frozen. Explore the principles of this new medium by using Blender, a cutting-edge 3D application. Create your own character animations and look at the history of animated movie productions for inspiration. 
Members $100/Non-members $115

Cosplay Fashion
AC1738, 3:30-6:15pm
Instructor: Deanna DeMonch
Calling all Anime lovers, Gamers, and Sci-Fi Nerds - Let’s Cosplay!  Cosplay, or Costume Play, is when participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Learn to create accessories for your favorite character using foam, glue, felt, found objects, and more!
Members $100/Non-members $115

Everything Origami
AC1745, 3:30-6:15pm 
Instructor: Rich Gray
Challenge your imagination and learn folding skills to see how many different ways you can use origami.  Create dioramas, sculptures, mobiles, cards, jewelry, and more with the guidance of an experienced origami artist.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced folder, you will be amazed at the works of art that you can create with colorful sheets of origami paper.
Members $100/Non-members $115

Week 8, August 28- Sept 1

Digital Drawing and Photo Manipulation
AC1751, 12:15-3pm
Instructor: Adam Parker 
Draw without the traditional materials of paper, pencils or markers. Express yourself in a digital medium using Adobe Photoshop in combination with Wacom tablets in MOCA’s Digital Lab. Develop your own approach to make artwork digitally from start to finish.
Members $100/Non-members $115



3D Animation with Adam Parker
3D Animation with Adam Parker
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Teen Art Camp at MOCA.

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