Trustees & Staff


David Durham, Chair
Meredith Rutter, First Vice Chair
Eden Jones, Treasurer
Staci Vella Katsias, Secretary
William Butler, At-Large
Madelyn Reass, At-Large
James H. Spruance, At-Large
Debi Gray, Executive Director

Nancy Arias
Mary Anne Kellam-Canada
Ben Cohen
Carrie Coleman
Christopher Crowder
Scott Duncan
John Fall
Pace Frizzell
E.M. Terry Hardee III
Andrew Hodge
Anette Johnson
Ross Legum
Mike Matacunas
Preston Midgett
Katherine Moore
John Overton
Howard Rodman
Lisa Sinclair
Petra Snowden
Ken Trinder
John Uhrin
Kim Wheeler

Jane P. Batten
Macon Brock
Uschi Butler
William Campbell
Barbara Fine
Janyth G. Fine
Barbara Fleming
Suzanne T. Mastracco
Valerie Neff
Ed Power
Rod Rodriguez
Robert L. Stein
Linda S. Taylor


staff emails: firstname @
General Inquiries may be sent to
All emails for security should be directed to
Phone: 757.425.0000 + (ext)

Debi Gray, Executive Director 
Dot Greene-Provencher, PR & Marketing Specialist (x.321) 
Rita Utz, Administrative Coordinator (x.324) 
Jane Cullipher, Accounting & Human Resources (x.314)

Emily Barnhill, Director of Development (x.313)
Kay Barbini, Member Relations & Special Events Coordinator (x.319)
Christie Kelly, Art Show Director (x.320) 
Amy Walton, Annual Giving (x.350)

Alison Byrne, Director of Exhibitions & Education (x.322) 
Monee Marie Bengtson, Registrar & Preparator (x.328) 
Lea Bennett, Outreach Coordinator (x.331)
Melanie Columbus, Outreach Educator
Heather Hakimzadeh, Curator (x.327)
Truly Matthews, Associate Curator of Education (x.329) 
Rebecca Davidson, Manager of School and Educator Programs (x.323) 
Studio School Instructor Listing

Kate Pittman, Director of Operations (x.333)
Bernice Alvarado, Part-time Security 
Aaron Arnold, Part-time Security
Louis Cross, Head of Security (x.311)
Will Douglas, Part-time Maintenance
Jaton Hines, Security Guard
Ryker Jackson, Visitor Services Assosicate
Larry Johnson, Maintenance Technician
Francis Moll, Part-time Maintenance 
Ty Smitty, Security Guard
Irene Tavenner, Facility Marketing (x.318) 
Ashley Williams, Visitor Services Coordinator (x.310)